Monday, 8 August 2011

3K Inn Sports Complex Pool

After months of not having been to a public pool, I finally took the chance to check out the indoor pool at 3K Sports Complex in Subang. The few times I've been there was for Payless Books warehouse sales (and that was YEARS ago), but never for the sporting facilities, so it's a first. 

Because I was there in the middle of a weekday, a ticket only costs RM2.60 and it's also not that crowded... well, the only people there are students, a children's swim class and several retirees. 

They have a no footwear rule for the immediate pool area, so you have to leave your footwear outside (there's a guy sitting there who also tears the admission ticket you paid when you first walk in, so they're not likely to get stolen unless you were dumb enough to wear, say, Louboutins there). And yes, going around barefoot in the shower/changing area is a little icky if you think about it too much.

✔ Indoor - so if you're like me who likes swimming but hates tanning or wasting time applying sunblock, this is the one for you
✔ Ticket is RM2.60, but only if you're there non-peak hours; night sessions, weekends and holidays are RM4 per entry
✔ The pool is clean - cleaner than the mold-infested one at Kelana Jaya, anyway.
✔ Safe for straight guys ;) 

✖ Because it's indoor, the pool water might be too cold for some people; but that is easily remedied.
✖ It's an uncomfortable sensation, being barefoot in the changing room and shower 
✖ The distance and traffic going there from PJ - not a place I could just "drop by" if I feel like it