Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sephora KLCC Beauty Bash

Took the train down to KLCC today for, among other things, Sephora's Beauty Bash/official opening. There was an emcee, dancers, and buff guys in black suspenders and white sleeveless shirts going around giving out candy... what's not to like?

With Sephora nail patch (Perfect Pearl) - looks pink in certain light conditions
   This was using the Sephora brand stick-on nail patch which are supposed to last 10 days - they already have both base and top coat, so they should look great. Only one way to find out if they last that long - BTW, it was white in the packaging. Fun to try on as they were applied on by the beauty advisors, but I wouldn't really get them myself cos they're too fiddly for me. I was told that you have to remove them with nail polish remover. 

Nope, didn't try this.
Don't think my hair's long enough even if I wanted to
Tried this - even got a 10 day sample, yay! Apparently I'm "Fairly Light"

Only thing I bought? The nail polish remover in a tub where you just stick your finger in to remove nail polish (which I had wanted to get anyway). Might be a little pricey at RM39, but I hate wasting cotton pads for nail work.