Friday, 1 July 2011

Nokia Malaysia's Recyclimpics

Made the occasional grand trip to Midvalley to check out Nokia Malaysia's Recyclimpics, bringing along several old phones and chargers lying around the house.

So we went to the counter, filled out details on the "score" cards for every phone we brought in. We got two tubes full of a dozen pencils (made out of recycled newspaper, naturally) for every phone. Since we had three, we got 6 tubes of pencils as well as three "score" cards for the events in the small area, where you have to dunk (basketball), throw (javelin) and slide your old phones (that they'll nicely bubble wrap for padding) for the most points for an E7 (I think). At that point, we didn't even care about the zero score on some of our attempts. 

Once we filled out the cards, we get a card which says that Nokia will plant a tree in your name in Ciliwung, Indonesia and also a go at the lucky draw - once per card  - and we both drew ANOTHER tube of pencils, a notebook and eco bag (which were the choices, if you must know), so we got the whole gamut of "prizes".

Haul of the night - 84 pencils, notebook, own trees in Indonesia and eco bag

  1. Can't access the URL on the card from your computer web browser, only from Nokia Ovi Maps.
  2. Haven't used a pencil in 20 years, so that's redundant. I don't think there's a pencil sharpener to be found in the house.
  3. I certainly don't need another freebie notebook.
  4. Ditto eco bag.
Will be giving the whole lot to the grandmother in the near future for her to give away to whoever wants it.