Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A MBPJ saman of a different kind

Question: Did anyone know that it is an offence when you don't put out your garbage in a garbage can while it's outside awaiting collection in PJ?

Neither did I until I saw the green citation form in the mail box (there was a patrol about right before) this morning for RM100 (shit you not) from the Jabatan Kesihatan Persekitaran (Department of Environmental Health?) for not putting the garbage in a garbage can outside the house. 

We figured there might be a discount if we settled early. So we went to MBPJ HQ on Jalan Yong Shook Lin to pay only to be told that we would have to go to the 10th Floor of MBPJ tower (which is still walking distance) to get it reduced. 

So we got there, the receptionist tells us that we would have to see the deputy director of aforementioned department (Dr Chithra) to explain. Dr Chithra was a nice, understanding lady who understood where we (by this I mean the 'rents) were coming from and decided to reduce it to RM10. Can't complain lah...

So we happily paid the city RM10 downstairs at the third floor and off we went. 

All that because the 'rents were afraid that the garbage can would be stolen if left outside the whole day. Sigh.

I mentioned it on FB and only one person out of four had this kind of citation before; the rest didn't know, like I did.

PS. Went to the BuySellTrade nearby afterwards and I found a wire bookstand for RM6 - take that, RM80 Moleskine ebook reader stand! 

PPS Also got sample packets of Leggo sauce as we were leaving MBPJ tower - woo hoo.