Wednesday, 20 July 2011

MACC - Three and a Half Men

It's time again for the MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) to put on another show, this time called Three and a Half Men (*groan*), this time with the addition of Dr Jason Leong (of The Twisted Stethoscope fame, a book which I actually paid for and read) either as a guest performer or a permanent addition, I have no idea. Who's the "half", I pun tak tau lah.

Starting Aug 16th all the way to the 21st (please check the show times yourself), admission is RM28 and RM38 on the 16th and 17th; whereas ticket prices for the rest of the run are RM38 and RM48 (all prices minus processing fee). If you're cheap and kiasu, you know which tickets to buy lah

I bought a ticket yesterday with my LIVE Card (which gives members 10% discount on PJLA admissions and RM1 off the RM2 processing fee) - there was a members' only row if you use it and it's numbered seating. The one cheap ticket came out to RM27.20, and I didn't get my physical ticket then as the server was down and I could still collect at least half an hour before the show on the day itself.

If you liked the previous MACC shows, you have to go for this one (see how I'm not hard selling?) - you can buy it online here and also in person at the PJLA box office, although if you work office hours, you should just buy online.