Friday, 15 July 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Went back to the TGV in KLCC after a number of years to watch the morning screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Well okay, it wasn't just that - I also had something else to do while I was in the mall, so I thought I might as well. It has also been a while since I paid double digits to a movie (RM13 - eep), but at least I didn't watch it in 3D. I'm not putting in a spoiler alert because the book's been out for ages. And no, I didn't watch the other movies or re-read the second half of the book.

I was in time to watch the trailer for Final Destination V (who actually likes those movies, anyway?) and then the movie started right away with a recap of the last scenes from Part 1 (in case anyone forgot). 
  • I thought the Gringotts break-in was pretty meh. Plus side was Rupert Grint not looking too bad with the facial hair there and also their epic escape with the albino dragon.
  • The intended comic relief scenes were hilarious. McGonagall gleeful like a school girl about bringing the statues to life for battle was one of those.
  • I thought they were never going to show Neville killing the snake. It was a little convoluted getting there, but it got done. 
  • The "Not my daughter, you bitch" line LIVES!!
  • Whatever technology they used to de-age Snape in the Pensieve memory? Woah.
  • No naked Harry in the King's Cross limbo bit. Sorry.
  • The epilogue was pretty sweet. The aging makeup the kids had on? Only Radcliffe "aged" the most for some reason.
I won't bore anyone else with these things - that's what IMDb's user reviews are for :P But I am inserting the jump break to break it up a little. There's more after the break...

Save for several instances of creative license, I thought it followed the book okay. Whatever they left out I was fine with - would've done nothing for the plot.
  • Snape's dying tears as memories for the Pensieve? Hokay then.
  • I don't understand how the scene with baby Harry and his still alive mother would exist in Snape's memory if Snape only found her dead and not alive? I'm also glad that they didn't show all the memories Snape had in the book; which might explain why the tears, haha.
  • Neville's speech? Dramatic for sure, but superfluous. 
  • Harry lost his jacket between killing Voldemort and celebrating the aftermath at (what's left of) Hogwarts.
  • Bellatrix and Voldemort turning to confetti when they died? Heh heh.. well okay, Voldemort turned to ASH in the end, but still.
  • How they despatched the Elder Wand? Horrible. Still preferred the book version.
The only good thing about watching this alone was the tears I shed (when they were setting up the castle's defenses and also when Harry and the spirits of his dead parents, godfather and teacher in the Forbidden Forest). I also heard sniffling in the cinema I was in, so I know I can't be the only one.

If you're a book fan, you would be okay with this; if you're a movie fan that's not read the books... I don't want to talk to you. A great end to the franchise, I think.
In case anyone's wondering: No stingers or extras. You're welcome.