Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I only wanted to watch Hanna because Saoirse Ronan looked pretty bad ass in the trailer as a teenage girl trained to kill her whole life in the middle of the wintry forests of Finland by rogue CIA agent Erik (Eric Bana). So thanks to TimeOut KL, I had the chance to watch it for myself.

Plus points: 

✔ Casting
✔ Soundtrack by the Chemical Brothers - yay
✔ Saoirse Ronan's badass-ery in this movie


✖ Has more holes than Swiss cheese, but really, who cares?
✖ Very inconsistent accents -  I know most of the adults in the movie are in the espionage game, but Eric Bana's accent was all over the place and Cate Blanchett suddenly sprouted a Southern accent out of nowhere when she sounded very German in the beginning of the movie. Okay then...

If you're watching this for the plot... well, there's one too many holes and you really need to check the logic at the door. You'd think it might be good because of the big names on the cast from both sides of the pond (and some), but really... it's just okay.

Here's a trailer...