Friday, 29 July 2011

Dealshelve, the Deal Aggregator

As a sucker into the group buying craze (to an extent), I subscribe to close to a dozen sites that sends daily emails with all sorts of deals, which can overwhelm a person's inbox every morning on top of the other types of email a person gets. I had been wondering when will someone come up with a deal aggregator a little closer to home.

Fortunately, there's Dealshelve - they collect deals from a total of 44 different group buying sites (in Malaysia - who knew?) and compiles them in one place. You can search for deals on the site by locale (Klang Valley, and the rest) and by category (F&B and services). You can also subscribe to Dealshelve emails and get just a single email for a less-cluttered inbox. It's not just deals in Malaysia, but also Singapore and the Philippines. 

It's also available for iPad, iPhone and Android platforms, but I haven't tested those personally. Let me know if you have. 

Meanwhile, I guess I have some unsubscribing to do...