Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Car City Care Centre, Kepong [Groupon MY]

Redeemed the last of my recently bought Groupons - RM55 for car claying, waxing, auto fog sterilizing treatment, wash, polish and vacuum (not in that order, of course) - at Car City Care Centre in Kepong this morning. 

Scheduling the appointment was not too bad: I called the fixed line instead of the posted contact cell number on the deal page as I read complaints about not being able to get through to that number. My first appointment was a few weekends ago, but the recent major Valley-wide (so-called) water supply disruption put a damper on that (got a text around 7.15 a.m. the same morning, saying that all appointments that weekend are cancelled due to the water supply issue and that we were supposed to call them again to reschedule the following Tuesday). So I did and got a slot for this morning as a weekend slot now is harder to get than hen's teeth. 

Having no reason to be familiar with Kepong until today and with the help of modern technology (GPS lah), I found the place alright and with plenty of time (took me less than half an hour from PJ) - I ended up half an hour early for my appointment, which also gives them a fair head start to work on the Jeep*. I did take a quick stroll around the nearby Carrefour (nothing to write home about), but I mostly hung around to see what they were doing.

(*As the deal did not discriminate by car size, it'd be a waste not to - I can only wash and dry the humongous Jeep Cherokee by myself - I would rather pay other people to do the waxing, polishing, etc as it's not a one-person job)

I hope they did the claying as I wasn't around to see that (I left when they did the first step: washing, and trust me, it needed that), but they did do everything else (it needed a good vacuum as I can't be arsed to do it myself). It was interesting to see the fogging treatment (not to mention that it smelt clean for awhile inside too).
Washing stage

It only took around 90 minutes (finished a little after noon), and it's never been cleaner and shinier. Thanks to Car City Care and also Groupon Malaysia

PS. What's the difference between waxing and polishing? Are they used interchangeably, or are they different processes altogether?