Wednesday, 22 June 2011

X-Men: First Class

I was finally able to use the free in season passes I won to finally watch X-Men: First Class before the end of its cinema run. 

While I don't claim to be an expert on X-Men, but I am still a sucker for James McAvoy. I had my doubts when it was announced that he got the role of young Prof X with hair - I was like, "Really? McAvoy as young Prof X? Oh-kaaay..."

There aren't too many spoilers to be had because we already know what happened to a lot of these characters; whether they're according to comic book canon I wouldn't know cos those are already pretty confusing as they are and I'm not one to bother. While I didn't know some of the characters in the movie, but it was interesting to see what happened to the primary characters like Prof X and Magneto. 

So I'll just put down my random thoughts while I was watching this movie:
  • The Xavier/Lensherr bromance was strong in this one. 
  • The looks of constipation when some of these guys are trying to use their powers - hilarious. 
  • Out of all the mutants that had to die first, it had to be the black guy. Really? Sheesh.
  • Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn's cameo appearances: the former's "fuck off!" was hilarious and so Wolverine. 
  • If Kevin Bacon didn't die the way he did, I would've thought it would be hilarious if he got fried to death. I know it's a bad joke, just let me get it out of my system.
  • I can't be the only one who thought that Xavier could've just let go of Shaw's mind as the latter was getting killed. Just saying.
  • McAvoy and the British accent? Passable, I guess - so much for my "Scotsman-can't-do-accents" theory :P
  • Erm, I didn't know Xavier and Raven (Mystique) were contemporaries, let alone "friends", so I was like "Eh? Really?" In Malaysian terms, they were basically "pet" siblings, whatever the fuck that ever meant. 
  • The Beast makeup was HORRENDOUS - you'd think they spent more time and money on that. Come to think of it, the Mystique scaly suit also looked pretty crap.
  • If there was a Stan Lee cameo (as it's usually the case in these Marvel movies), I sure as heck missed it. 
Did I like it? Sure. Would I recommend it? Why not. I'm not sure if I'd recommend this to anyone who's not already familiar with X-Men.