Monday, 13 June 2011

Urbanscapes? Tak payah lah

This year's Urbanscapes (the all day creative arts festival) is going to be in PJ after being in KLPac for the last several years, which I was glad to hear at first. I've only been to last year's, which was a little meh for me personally.

Then there's the matter of ticketing. Last year I was dumb enough to buy an unnecesary ticket for the thing when all I did was check out the bazaar and makan areas and I didn't really buy that much then. I really don't give two shits about the performance part of the festival and have no intention to go. So getting a RM40 ticket just to enter and merely just check out the bazaar, food and drink on an open field is just plain highway robbery. If tickets were RM10 or less I might still consider, but RM40 is just a bit cekik darah when you take into consideration how many hundred or thousands of people that go annually.

Even the RM30 early bird price and also with this Groupon price (RM24 for a ticket), it's still a bunch of crock. I've got half a mind to boycott it entirely and not even bother going like I did years before last. Besides, I hate window shopping when hot and sweaty anyway.

I think I might give this a miss.

(That said, I would not say no to a pair of free tickets. I'm just saying.)