Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Podcast review: NPR's How to Do Everything

I'm a sucker for NPR podcasts, especially ones like "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!", even though it's supposedly a weekly current events quiz show.

So two people from the "Wait, Wait" team now have their own podcast called How to Do Everything

Every week, hosts Mike Danforth and Ian Chillag attempts to answer listener-submitted life's questions like:
  • Tipping situations (how much to tip this person, and so on)
  • How to pick a name for a military operation
  • How to run for public office, 
  • etc
In case you haven't picked up the gist, it's questions that one might ask based on the week's headlines, as well as "half survival guide, half advice show". If they can't answer it themselves, they'll find someone who can.

I like it because it's not too long - an episode lasts an average of 20-something minutes, no longer than 30 - and it's entertaining. What I like even more is that they do an episode summary, which is great for my short attention span.

You should give this podcast a listen.