Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Podcast review: BFM's Mat Salleh in Malaysia

(For all intents and purposes, I'm gonna call it a podcast because it is available for download).

If the title is not self-explanatory enough, Mat Salleh in Malaysia (MSiM) is a weekly radio show about one white guy (Englishman Richard Bradbury)'s questions, musings and observations about life and living in Malaysia. He ponders stuff like...
  • Why motorcyclists here wear their jackets back to front,
  • The malls, and
  • Tongkat Ali
It started off with specific topics early in its run, but lately it became like his audio weekly diary of of sorts. 

Average run time per episode is about 15 minutes, which is still bearable and not all that long.

I like it because Malaysians (for the most part) wants to know what every incoming white person thinks about Malaysia (kid you not), so MSiM is one man's point of view that just happens to be on radio. 

I didn't know that there were 66 malls in KL alone until I started listening to this show. I maybe local, but it doesn't mean that I know everything there is to know about Malaysia. 

My only gripe about the show was the man's glowing review of William's, a place I wouldn't go to voluntarily even though I live less than a minute's drive away from the place. Aside from that, I still like the show and I still download it after it airs, anyway.

You can catch up on episodes here and you can listen to it on Saturday afternoons on BFM.