Saturday, 25 June 2011

Markets at Jaya One

Drove down to Jaya One to check out Markets @ Jaya One - the people behind it all finally thought to put  Bettr Weekends, Crafty Art Market and Chic POP street markets together in one place, on the same day. Was also joined by friend fyee.

Had lunch after roaming at Frontera - portion still huge. Probably should've gotten nachos and salsa :P

I like that it's all spread out through Jaya One, if not for the warm weather. Better sun than rain, I suppose. I even skipped out on the swag bag this time.

Chic POP - Way crowded, definitely the biggest market there. Not my favourite way to buy clothes, but that didn't stop me from buy this Supre 7-way oversized cardigan (it's this same purple too) from Yellow Cab Trappings. (Well fine, I've never heard of Supre until recently, but based on a quick poke on Google, it appears to be the Australian equivalent of Forever 21, etc). I also bought a tin of STEAMCREAM that was on sale for RM55 from serendipity - the ladies there vaguely remembered that I bought a flip and tumble bag from them the last time. At least I  qualified for the lucky draw that they're having :P

Crafty Art Market - Pretty much the same vendors. Didn't get anything. 

Bettr Weekends - Not too many stalls, which is a pity. I did get an oversized raisin scone for RM3.

Yes, the day put a bit of a dent in my wallet (considering my dinner plans), but it's okay. Also had to stop to say hi to shelbybaby's dad (who was manning her stall in her absence along with the son-in-law and her friends) before I left.