Saturday, 11 June 2011

Magical Musicals

Thanks to AMBP, I got a pair of tickets to the premier gala of Magical Musicals at Sunway Lagoon's amphitheatre last night.

The show WAS supposed to start before 8, but as it is the first show of the run and there are VIPs in attendance (like Sunway Group founder and chairman Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, etc), the show didn't start until 9 something after the speeches by the EP and Sunway Lagoon CEO Aaron Soo as well as the Director/Producer and choreographer, Chris Colby and David Kort (respectively).

We've been told that the cast is going to sing live just for that show (which didn't pan out so great, cos I could not make out what they were singing some of the time) and that flash photography was going to be allowed just for the night. Tell that to the guys who were enforcing the no-flash rule (which I didn't, cos my camera still takes decent pictures without the flash), when they told off the girl sitting next to me not to use the camera's flash.
The gist...
"Set admist the bright lights of Times Square in New York's Broadway Theatre district, the story begins with 6 budding performers auditioning for a new show. Discover how they encounter turmoils, despair and finally find fame, fortune and love on the streets of Broadway..."
See how many sponsor logos you can spot in this picture
It wasn't just songs from the standard West End/Broadway musicals, but for some reason songs from movie soundtracks like Hercules, Mulan and Slumdog Millionaire was in the show as well.

I thought the story was thin enough as it is, having all these things in the show just because you could? I think I rather sit through Across The Universe (the movie) just because I know that it's all Beatles songs.

If you're a sucker for punishment, you can buy tickets here (RM100, RM200, RM250 and RM300) The show runs everyday (except Tuesdays) until 17 July. It's one show a day except weekends where they'll put on TWO shows a day.

I personally didn't mind some of the numbers they've done like Jai Ho (from the Slumdog soundtrack), where there were fire eaters and Bhangra drummers (although the smell of kerosene afterwards was pronounced) came out and did their thing, and probably Rihanna's famous tune Umbrella, even though I didn't think it had anything to do with the story. I actually also didn't remember how it ended :P

Family friendly, sure - but... I don't know.

Gripes with the experience after the jump...

In an effort to do something nice, I brought my mother along. So we didn't have dinner proper and rushed like idiots to the amphitheatre parking lot (which was next to Sunway College?), only to be told by security we would have to park in Pyramid (the mall) and go to the Sunway Lagoon main entrance as that particular entrance is not open to the public that night (even if it was, the parking was RM5 per entry - eep). That was strike one. 

By the time we got to Sunway Lagoon proper, there was a freaking LONG LINE through security. Had to get my mum to line up while I go collect tickets from the AMBP counter. That was the painless part of the night. The line seemed to go on like forever until I guess they gave up trying to check several hundred people's bags for illicit food and drink and just let everyone through. Strike two.

After the long escalator ride down, everyone left got buggy rides for the remainder of the journey to the amphitheatre (I'm guessing they must be running REALLY late by then). There was also a red carpet that everyone walked on and "hosted" by LiteFM's Zak (with the comically bad hair piece) and Sara as well as MIX FM's JD and Dilly. By the time I got on the red carpet, I just wanted to sit down and get it over with. 

Then there was the ushering (strike three): got led to the wrong part of the seating and had to walk a distance to our seats. Not that it mattered much as it wasn't a full house.

If nothing else, while the giant fans were working and I wasn't sweating up a storm watching the show; but I still had to take a shower when we got home.

Sunway spent RM3 million on the show - I'm not sure whether they'll be able to recoup the cost :P

PS. My mum didn't think it was that good.