Saturday, 25 June 2011

I'm Spicy, Section 17

As the person who suggested this place and made the reservation, of course I had to be there early. Waited at least 20 minutes until someone else showed up. I've got to thank Melvin for making the reservation process painless (as I hate making phone calls) as it was done through email. But I did call to check, just in case. 

If you know where Kanna Curry House is in Section 17, it's on the other end
Thanks to friend Mun Yee (who needed a ride) for keeping me company while waiting for everyone else to arrive. It sucks less than waiting here BY MYSELF.

Trust me, the place got busier as the night went on - we were still early :P

Here's some of the food and drink that I remembered to take pictures of... (why I'm not a food blogger :P)

Thai iced tea (RM6): Great for spicy food relief

Pork Skewers (RM18) - Already delicious on their own, let alone the dipping sauce

Love the shape of the rice - methinks this was Thai fried rice (RM12?)

Pad thai (RM12) - sweet tasting noodles, according to someone else who tasted it

Can't go to a Thai restaurant and not have tom yam (RM25, with prawns) - way crazy spicy, by the way

Lotus tea (on the house?)

Cute piggy paperweight (which no one pilfered, haha) - it held the bill down
We also had the pork ribs (RM25; not quite falling off the bone tender, but still delicious; dipping sauce is crazy spicy), the deep fried green papaya salad (RM12; comes with crazy spicy dipping sauce and I like it even though it's not something I would normally eat, let alone order), and some people ordered dessert (Ruby Red Chestnut with shaved ice). I remembered someone ordered spiced pork and what not. I remember tasting some of someone's house drink - it was not bad, but a bit inadequate for the spiciness (haha). I was too busy listening to the various conversations to keep track of it all.

How'd it go down with the rest of the people present? Well, I think everyone else didn't expect the dipping sauces to be so spicy (the name already speaks for itself - what else can I say? I thought they knew when they signed up for it :P). I thought they were spicy in a nice way, but then again I usually just spoon the essence of the sauce.. 

They don't take credit card at the moment, so bring cash. 

(same row as Kanna Curry House and the Section 17 police station, otherwise just look it up online)
1, Jalan SS 17/45
46400 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 7954-2281