Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ecoparadise, Jaya One [Groupon MY]

Bought this Groupon last week where you pay RM40 for 4 sessions of the hot bed therapy (usual price being RM160) at Ecoparadise Anti-Oxidant Rejuvation Therapy Centre; I figured since it's only RM10 a session, and there's one at Jaya One, why not? The existing promotion is RM38 for three sessions.

"At Ecoparadise, heated ceramic tile-beds in the therapy rooms act as deoxidizers that release high doses of negative ions. The rooms are kept at an ambient temperature of about 45 degrees Celsius, and relative humidity of about 25-35% for maximum effect and comfort.
The rejuvenation sessions increase blood circulation and metabolism rates. The negative ions in the room keep harmful bacteria out and rebuild cells and expel unwanted waste in the body through the liver and perspiration. Ionized water is readily available for replenishment of bodily fluid spent during the sessions.
Some of the benefits of deoxidation therapy include relieving the body of pain and allergies, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels, strengthens the immune system and parasympathetic nervous system and fights ailments."

Shoe cupboard outside the entrance
Very expensive pair of socks :P

I called for an appointment the day before, and I ended up being half an hour early because traffic going there wasn't too bad. So I just filled out the customer information form and the guy at the counter took a few minutes to show me around the place and explained things, which was awfully decent of him. (I feel so bad that I didn't get his name :P). The place is divided into men's and women's sections, so no worries there. I just thought it was erm, appropriate that women's rooms had flower names and the men's rooms had tree names (I'm guessing).

Anyway, I was given a blue, one size fits all yukata to change into, locker key to stash and lock up the stuff, towels (body and face) and a tumbler of water to combat dehydration.

Yukata, towels and negative ion-enriched water, in changing room

There were people about, but otherwise not terribly crowded or anything. Being a first-timer, I got into Sakura 1, where the temperature is set at 40.8 degrees (the n00b setting) and was joined by two other women (which was maximum capacity). No biggie.

I usually hate sitting and sweating, but sweating in clothes that are not my own on my back is something I can do for half an hour. I tried it out with the towel on the hot tiles at first, but after awhile I thought, sod it and took the towel off and that's when I started sweating profusely. The lighting's not conducive for reading and you're discouraged from bringing in electronics - so you could (in theory) take a cat nap while you do it, but the piped in muzak might not do it for some people. Thankfully, it was also not terribly stuffy.

I probably would've stuck out for 40 minutes (they recommended 30 minutes for one's first time), but I settled for 35. Man, the back of the yukata was DRENCHED - just take my word for it.

If nothing else, I love the well equipped changing room - there's blow dryers, soap, nice showers... but I did bring my own comb and head and body shower gel (the one in the showers are unscented).


Oh yeah, we were also supposed to cool down for about 20 minutes in the common resting area. As I didn't really want to shower with the rest of the women who were also cooling down after their sessions, I cut my cooling time short.

This fruit enzyme is DELICIOUS - found out later that it comes in different flavours; this one's passionfruit. Mmm.

Can't help it - was watching Jamie's 30 Minute Meals
When I looked in the mirror afters, my face was flush red. That was the only discernible difference after the first session.

As a testament to Rexona, the antiperspirant I was wearing held out - there were no wet 'pit stains on the yukata when I was getting ready to take a shower. Seriously.

Three more sessions to go.