Saturday, 11 June 2011

Angry Birds in Malaysia

Made a brief stop at the Angry Birds playground which took place outside the Low Yat Plaza main entrance. Didn't stay too long. But I did run into someone I know.

Street entrance
Registration booths - good thing I did the early online registration  and got a wristband, fan and keychain

Catapult - no way I was doing it

No idea what these were doing here

Face painting booth

Sanctioned tagging - artist at work

If you ever fancy yourself as an Angry Bird.. :P

Angry Bird Showdown booths - they're competing for a phone (at least)

Candy cotton and popcorn booth

In line for the record attempt - didn't do too badly for myself :P

There was also a booth where you can play real life Angry Birds (with plushies, an actual slingshot and man made structures which they reset whenever someone gets it down) - the Sling N' Win, which I never found what the prize was if you won. 

I went through with it and took part in the world record attempt - but sadly, I lost the pin that I got when I was done; I'm not sure if I lost it in the shuffle or what, but oh well. Got several sticker sheets from the team members going around, giving them out to people and as well as a balloon, for shits and giggles. 

Spent most of the drive home freaking out about the ants that blew out of the air conditioning vents (stupid things), which pissed me off BIG TIME, which might explain why I can't find the aforementioned pin.