Tuesday, 3 May 2011

What I did this long Labour Day weekend

  1. Saw the royal wedding on TV Friday evening. CNN's coverage FTW.
  2. Crafty Art Market at Jaya One

    Bought a wire bracelet with baby blue pearls for RM18. Had to take out three of the pearls myself so that it wouldn't slide halfway down my forearm and still look even after. I know I could've asked the seller to do it, but it's not that hard and I had the tools somewhere in the house.

    Had a baked potato and drink meal at Wendy's. Don't start with me.
  3. Bettr Weekends at Jaya One - didn't get anything.
  4. Former professor in town for a few days - she decided to stop by a few neighbouring countries to meet former students as she was in Manila for her son's wedding. A friend set up a dinner at Madam Kwan's with whoever she could find and the attrition rate's terrible - between people travelling, having prior engagements, etc - only a few showed up. I got roped in to pick her up from the Sheraton to Midvalley and back. Didn't know Jalan Kuching can be so congested even at that time of day.
  5. Mum gone roadtripping back to the East Coast with some of her siblings and also some of my cousins since early Friday morning. So have been doing the chores and the cooking at home. Oh well.
  6. Random parking fact: RM5 per entry at Fahrenheit 88 on weekends and public holidays.
  7. Finally checked out the newly-opened Sephora store downtown Monday. So many new brands that I've personally not heard of. Might try the Sephora-brand makeup in the future once I run out as it's still cheaper than some of the department store brands here :P Can't wait for the KLCC store to open so that a Sephora is just a train ride away and not a car ride or two trains down.

    Had lunch at Al-Amar Express outside Fahrenheit 88. Lebanese. Had a beef shwarma and a cup of Lebanese coffee, the size of the cup being slightly larger than an espresso shot. But it was strong, so fine.
  8. Also tried on the UV-Cut tee shirts while I was at Uniqlo: it was a little see-through for me, even the black tee shirts, which is NOT supposed to happen O_o Am I glad the KLCC store is opening soon.