Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Kuchi-paku Dancing Animal Speakers

Anyone who saw a recent episode of The Good Wife would recall this scene with Cary and his investigator Andrew Wiley at the latter's home about some missing interview pages when the latter calls the State's Attorney Glenn Childs and this happens:

I don't know about anyone else, but hearing the voice of Glenn Childs coming out of a dancing lion speaker gives me the giggles. So I give everyone in the scene props for keeping their faces straight.

Happily enough, the Kuchi-paku stuffed animal speakers also come in other animal forms like elephants, rabbits, pandas, penguins, frogs, polar bears, etc. depending on the vendor. Online, prices seem to range from USD70 - USD100 before shipping, so you might want to take the item price + shipping costs into consideration. Makes a great gift too, if it wasn't so hard to find in person.

Never mind that it uses 3 AA batteries to move like that, but you have to admit they're pretty cute and not Furby creepy. Imagine using these in a conference call - that would be HILARIOUS.

Now I kind of want one of these. Anyone know where to get a reasonably-priced one with shipping to Malaysia? Or even a local brick and mortar store?