Friday, 27 May 2011

Kuah Jenhan: Tall, Dark and Comedian

I bought a early bird ticket to Tall, Dark and Comedian early last month - because I'm cheap like that, and if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have bothered at all. 

Got to Jaya One less than an hour before showtime - I was fortunate that traffic was not terrible, particularly at the Rothmans round, errr... traffic junction - so I only had time for the fries and Coke at Wendy's and also tarpau-ed a portion of The Last Polka's Salted Gula Melaka ice cream while waiting for the doors to open. Wasn't in a terrible rush as seats were numbered and I bought an aisle seat.

After hearing about (and from) Rambo Tan for awhile now, he made a 15 minute appearance on stage. I have got to put this picture up before I can go on anymore about it - 

Rambo is to Jenhan like Renee Choy is to Jit Murad - except the former doesn't need a hairbrush to get into character (the sunglasses, maybe?). Anyway, dude was funny enough but Ah Beng-types typically don't do it for me personally, even if it's for humour. But if PCK is still well-known after all these years, why not Rambo Tan?

David Lai the mentalist was not bad lah, even if the audience seem a bit slow to react at times. It's also my first time watching a mentalist in person and not just on TV (Keith Barry, not Simon Baker).

Jenhan's set was 90% new material (to quote him), but he got his existing material out of the way early in his set. I laughed so much, I had tears in my eyes.

I would say it's not bad a show for RM35 (the cheapest show to attend in the whole PJ Laugh Fest) and that you should go, but as both shows are totally sold out (as of this week, anyway), the only way you can buy a ticket now is if it's on the black market or if someone sells theirs off.

PS. Even with the numbered seating, people are still having problems - apparently these two aunties and these two young women in my row got their seats mixed up when the latter sat in the former's seats as they got there before the aunties. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the show was already underway so they couldn't switch back even if they could (HAHA). Not that it makes any difference.