Saturday, 7 May 2011

KLCC Uniqlo store - Quick review

The second Uniqlo store was finally unveiled at Suria KLCC this week (sad that I didn't get to go to the press event, not even as a blogger :( ), so it was time for me to go and see what's there in terms of the other promo items, as the ones advertised in the media didn't appeal to me that much.

While not as big as the one at Fahrenheit 88 (it used to be the luxury watch shop and the KFC), but sufficient, I guess... if you're getting tee shirts and stuff. 

There was still velvet rope outside but at least I didn't have to line up to get in. There was plenty of people and the sales staff were doing okay in a store full of people, so you can't help but get carried away by the cheeriness. Even the line to the changing room was moving at a bearable pace (this coming from someone who hates being in slow moving lines) cos there were about a dozen changing rooms inside. They got people in and out pretty fast.

Didn't notice the +J (the Jil Sander collaborative collection) stuff if there was and there wasn't much of the more basic basic pieces like underwear, etc which I'm hoping will be available there once the initial hype of the graphic and charity tees dies down. I don't know.

While I didn't buy any of the advertised doorbuster items, I did get the Dry Crew Neck short sleeved tee shirts (the sleeves alone are great in covering up fat arms :P) in several colours for RM24.90 each (U.P. RM39.90 each), which supposedly has the UV Cut and quick-dry (of persipiration, that is) technology. Wanted to get the socks that I saw at the other store, but didn't see it there. 

I didn't even bother with the graphic tee shirts there; and with so many people snapping them up, it wasn't so "uniqlo" anymore. I also didn't have to wait too long to pay as they've got about as many cashier counters open, with a separate redemption counter.

The main plus for me is that it's in a mall accessible by train.

My main gripe is it not having more variety of items: if I saw something I liked in Fahrenheit that I didn't get there because I might get it in KLCC, I would be sorely mistaken :P