Saturday, 14 May 2011

Friday the 13th

Checked out the one day L'Oreal sale at the Parkroyal. There wasn't much left at midday - the hordes must've gotten to the "good" stuff in the morning - and I only bought like a Vichy moisturizer for about a third of its retail price. 

As I was already in the area, I finally remembered to go to Lot 10's Hutong for lunch. Had one of the more expensive plates of Hokkien mee in recent memory at RM 9.45 plus taxes; edible in the porky deliciousness sense but I don't know if I'd get it again as there are plenty of other stalls down there.

I also checked out both Uniqlo and Sephora while I was still in the area.

Dorothy Perkins fashion show:

Fast-forward to evening: I promised a friend (whom I've not seen in person for awhile) that I'd be her plus-one at the Dorothy Perkins fashion show at Bangsar Village II. After the usual congestion on Jalan Maarof, I got the BEST parking I could find at that time of day and week: outside Cziplee, which is literally a stone's throw from Bangsar Village II - YES!! No need to pay jaga kereta dude some more cos I was early.

You'd think with an event like this, you would think that everyone and their guests would get door gifts, but that didn't happen. Just as well. 

Ate our fill on finger food - tiny sandwiches, cakes, quiche, fruit tarts, cute (handbag-sized) bottled water and OJ - catering was by Coffee Bean, which was decent eats and after what seemed to be forever (we've been standing the entire time - the classic way of getting people to "mingle"), we finally got to our seats around the U-shaped runway. No, I didn't take any pictures as I can't be arsed to do so. But one of the models did take a spill on the runway - you'll just have to take my word for it. After the fashion show, we went to the store upstairs as there were discounts for members.