Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Find Malaysia's Homestays

When looking for a room to rent, one would typically scour room listings in the local newspapers or on the community notice board at your nearby convenience store and what not, but if you're in a different town, that might be hard to pull off, sight unseen.

Or perhaps you and your family (say it's not just your immediate family, but perhaps the extended family as well) are looking for an apartment to stay for a little whole or a place to stay for brief work contracts but balk at the idea of staying in hotels for too long, you might want to check out this listing site for Malaysia Homestays called 

The website design is clean, simple and intuitive enough - you can search the posted listings by state and also by town, and then you can also search them by keyword. It’s free for users to browse and respond to the listings, and it’s also free for anyone to post a listing but prior registration is required.

You can search and filter the room rental listings specifically by gender and race acceptance as mentioned in the listings, and the short rental listing by whatever specifics you have in mind as well as by rental rates. There's also pictures that you can also check out to see if it's right for you and your situation.

Oh, and you can also search the room-to-let listings in both Singapore and Indonesia as well on - which is really convenient especially if you're relocating to say, Singapore for work - you can find a room to live in before you leave. My only niggle about this website is that I have no idea why there are no homestay listings on the Singapore and Indonesia sites, but they should because decent hotel rooms are not cheap in Singapore, particularly when travelling with a large group of people.

Otherwise, I say it’s a great resource for anyone looking for a room or a homestay, especially in Malaysia.