Monday, 30 May 2011

Not So Fabulous Tan Midvalley :P

Here's my experience with this deal (Wax session for RM37.90 at Fabulous Tan, Midvalley) from I Love Discounts since getting it:

First call (early May): Was told the waxing room is under renovation. Fine.

Tried again a few weeks later - was told that they can only schedule wax appointments after the following Monday (16/5/2011).

So I decided to make an appointment for Tuesday (Vesak) and when I got there, there was a handwritten sign outside saying that the waxing machine is out of order. WTF. So I walked in and I was told in person that the waxing can't be done and that they were waiting on the person to fix it. I just about blew a gasket because NO ONE BLOODY CALLED ME TO ASK ME TO RE-FUCKING-SCHEDULE!! WHAT THE FUCK - THEN I DRIVE ALL THE WAY THERE FOR WHAT?! KANASAI LAH! WASTED MY TRIP ONLY!!

After being told that they'll call me (yeah right) to reschedule once it's fixed, I stormed out, my mood soured.

Not expecting anyone to call me, I called again TODAY (30/5) and the waxing therapist is on emergency leave until 15 June. WTF. Have to wait another 2 weeks.

Damn kanasai lah these people, I tell you.

Ini belum buat lagi tau.