Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cup Kozy

Been wanting to get a Cup Kozy for awhile now, but I held off until they announced a coupon code last Earth Day for 40% discount off any purchase on their Etsy store. (Thank you, Earth Day sales!) 

Paid only $4.20 with free global shipping thrown in (it's $7 for the plain, $8 for the limited special editions). I ♥ free shipping.

After nearly 4 weeks of waiting, I finally received my order on Friday - yay.

Yes, every order comes with a sticker and a button
I haven't road-tested it yet, it's still a pretty good idea of a product - cuter than using serviettes to absorb the cold and the drink sweat from my to-go drinks or a disposable cardboard sleeve for the heat from my hot drinks.

(Images are from Cup Kozy, Ltd)