Sunday, 24 April 2011

Week 17, 2011

  • Mostly been catching up on Iron Chef America. Campy as ever.
  • Saw the movie, Love and Other Drugs at the second home.
  • Earth Day on Friday. Plenty of Earth Day sales online and stuff happening in real life.
  • Easter weekend.
  • Went to Sunway Giza on Saturday to check out the Justlife Earth Day Carnival. The traffic situation in the area reminded me of why I don't go to Kota Damansara more often :P That, and there's nothing at Sunway Giza to hold my attention too long; my only must-go place is the Village Grocer supermarket.
  • PM's crazy 1 Malaysia email account idea, which people were pissed about as they (as taxpayers) are paying for it.
  • Actually got a package within its estimated delivery time. 
  • Went back to the second home and swapped empty lotion bottles for new Vaseline Healthy White lotion with SPF 24. Not sure how it's different from the other one.