Sunday, 10 April 2011

Week 15, 2011

  • Monday morning at the Chetawan temple for annual Cheng Beng rites for maternal grandfather and great-grandmother. Carpooled with aunt, cousin and Gran in aunt's car to meet with the younger aunt and uncle who were already there seperately. We were only late because the cousin had to do a #2 :P

    The columbarium was pretty quiet when we got there and by the time other people came (me, the sibling and cousin were probably the only people under 30 there that morning), we were done and about to leave. Talk about dumb luck early. You'd think that it wouldn't be so crowded as it wasn't a Sunday (along with the traffic congestion from the nearby churches). The only perk for me was hearing updates about the cousins.
  • Paid RM7 for this month's issue of Marie Claire Malaysia for a RM18 Burt's Bees lip balm. By luck of the draw, I got the acai berry flavoured one, which is as close to using anything with acai berry in it as I ever will. No issues so far - always a good thing.
  • Also bought this month's issue of Time Out KL, not just because of the Lecka Lecka brownie and gelato coupon, but also for the dessert porn. Mmm, delicious. 
  • Got my flip & tumble mini bag from local e-boutique The Lil Caliph (which mostly sell baby stuff, but you can find reusable bags like Baggus, Envirosax and flip & tumble) - yay! Instead of COD-ing like I usually would, I sucked it up and paid Poslaju as there's no point meeting someone for a plum-sized object, even if I hate paying postage.
  • Taste tested Milo Sejuk.
  • Finally signed up for a Dropbox account, only to dump the audiobooks and ebooks there. If you sign up with my link, we both get extra 250MB on top of the 2GB for the basic account - click here.