Saturday, 2 April 2011

Week 14, 2011

  • Finally got round to scanning a bunch of old (pre-digital) photos that I took back when I was still in school uniform and uploading the not too bad looking ones. Reactions are mixed to say the least, but at least there were no death threats... yet.
  • Which brings me to this: Just quietly untag yourselves from photos you don't want to be associated with, there really is no need to leave freak-out comments saying you're gonna untag those pictures of yourself. 
  • Saw the cute animated Easter bunny movie, Hop. Stereotypical kid movie. 
  • Went to Chic POP Street Market on Saturday and I finally spent money: one was a flip & tumble bag (got a purple 24-7 bag) from serendipity : cult beauty discoveries and a hair spritzer from *bisou* rose, run by former neighbour shelbybaby, whom I've not seen in person since we were teenagers (well, I was friends with her younger sister, who's a year younger than me) and when her family moved away some years ago. We caught up some in between customers and my meandering. If I was at Chic POP any longer, I might have spent more, so it was a good thing I left when I did :P Also got a swag bag from Tongue in Chic, so it wasn't too bad. Feel bad for the long line of people lining up to use the one computer when there was a couple more that were unoccupied.
  • Bought another wax deal on another group buying site.
  • Bought a flip & tumble minibag on another site late Friday evening.
  • Lunch at Sukico Hainan Cafe at Uptown in between errands. Had their chicken stew with rice which was enough for one, but I found myself thinking that I could definitely do without the rice.