Saturday, 16 April 2011

Vaseline Aloe Cool & Fresh Light Moisturising Lotion

(Image: Unilever Malaysia)
The first thing that crossed my mind when I first saw this was, "Hey.... haven't I used this before?"

I can't remember how long it's been since this made an appearance on the Malaysian market, but I remember using this (or something like it) back in 2005 when I was still in the States. It was probably a bit too light for the cold and dry climate at the time (I was still shedding dead skin cells like how some animals shed their fur), but it was indeed nice and cooling on application.

So I have another one (the 400ml pump) and it was like meeting an old friend from way back when that you haven't seen in a while.

The Aloe Cool & Fresh (supposedly) has aloe and cucumber extracts to freshen and nourish the skin.

What I like about this is: Like most Vaseline body lotions of its ilk, it is LIGHT, it is also not sticky nor greasy after application and is absorbed pretty quickly even when you put it on a few hours after showering. The smell is pretty fresh and also bearable.

The 400ml may last at least a month if you seriously apply all over the body, but as I've mostly been applying on my appendages, it easily lasts longer than that, doubled with the laziness as well :P

My only beef with it is that pump nozzle tends to clog up for some reason; but whether you want to unclog it is really up to you.

I might get this once I finish the rest of the lotion stash I have... which might take awhile.