Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sukico Hainan Cafe, Damansara Uptown

Was doing errands in Damansara Uptown with the sibling close to lunch time last week and the way we decide where to have lunch on these occasions is to eat near where we park because it's too hot to walk too far and you never know where you'd end up. Took awhile to find street parking, so ended up at the private parking lot in the area. 

Long story short, ended up at Sukico Hainan Cafe - one of those places you always see in passing but can never stop long enough to check it out. As Hainanese, we were curious, so what the heck. The decor's pretty simple, I will leave it at that. 

I ordered the claypot chicken stew and my sibling had the pork curry (so yes, it means the place is NOT HALAL), for which you also get a plate of rice for the price.

Pork curry - don't remember the rice, but I think it's a couple bucks more than the stew
I did try some of the pork curry and found it to be very spicy (in a good way for some, for others - well, the rice is there for a reason) - the sinus-clearing kind. I don't think I could've finished had I ordered it. It's got meat and spuds. It's also not something we'd get at home as my mum is not much of a pork consumer, but she still makes some pork dishes or else my dad would have a fit. It's one of those things I'd add to my plate of chap fan if it's there cos it's not chicken or beef.
Claypot chicken stew, RM12.80
I like the thickness of the stew as well as the taste and herb-age that went into it - also not forgetting the potatoes, thickly cut carrot, loads of onions... I don't think rice goes very well with this. Perhaps a few slices of thick Hainanese bread might be better. There's also drumstick in my stew, which is a plus for me :) I also managed to finish - yay!

Of course everything was washed down with Hainan coffee and tea (which I could've sworn was what I ordered, but I think I might've gotten the coffee instead - no biggie).

I'm a retard with addresses when it comes to areas I'm familiar with, but it's along Jalan SS 21/60 (had to Google it) in Damansara Utama (Uptown), the same block and side as the Public Bank.

Saw some blog posts about the place and I didn't really know that it was previously located elsewhere in the area... or one of us got the address wrong :P