Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: flip & tumble reusable bag

I know I had probably mentioned about wanting a flip & tumble reusable bag ever since I first heard of them a couple of years ago because they're SO cute - you don't have to fold them to store, you just smush it into its own stretchy pouch and you're golden. And I also have plenty of the double-handled reusable bags, so the single handle-strap was appealing.

It took awhile, but I'm glad that there are finally local distributors for these bags - yay!

So in the span of two weeks, I got not only one, but TWO flip & tumble reusable bags; one was the messenger-style, larger 24-7 bag in eggplant (or dark purple) from serendipity: cult beauty discoveries at their stall during the recent Chic POP street market for RM35, and the smaller, 24-7 mini bag in Aquamarine from The Lil Caliph for RM29 minus postage (which I had to suck up and pay because there was no point doing a COD meet for a thing like that).


About the larger 24-7 bag (taken from the website)... 
bag size = 12" x 14" x 5" = large enough for 3 half gallons of milk and then some
ball size = 3" in diameter = the size of a peach
weight capacity = 25 lbs. = strong enough for a bowling ball or two
compacting system = premium stretch = like a sockball 
material = ripstop nylon
felt patch = keeps the bag on your shoulder
washing instructions = machine wash cold, drip dry
plastic bags spared = 1,000+

and the mini 24-7 bag...
bag size = 8.5" x 10.5" x 4.5" = large enough for 2 half gallons of milk 
ball size = about the size of a small plum 
weight capacity = 20 lbs. 
compacting system = premium stretch = like a sockball 
material = polyester
washing instructions = machine wash cold, drip dry
plastic bags spared = 1,000+

  • Attached storage pouch - no worries about losing separate, loose pouches (which is my issue with Baggu bags).
  • They're cute and fun to play with :P
  • No folding necessary.
  • They take up less space than the RuMe bags (sorry!), which I do have and like using.
  • The mini 24-7 is indeed the right size for a lunch tote.
  • The grey felt pad did not help; it was still slipping off my shoulder. But that's a personal issue, I just don't have the shoulders for shoulder bags :P
  • The grey handle of the original 24-7 bag is too long to carry normally (for me, anyway - being 5 feet, 2.5 inches tall) - the distance between the bottom of the bag and the ground is pretty small, and I sometimes find myself dragging the bag on the ground if I'm not careful, which is not a good thing. The handle is also too short for carrying it across the body, like a proper messenger bag.
Long story short: I prefer the 24-7 mini bag over the original 24-7 bag.