Tuesday, 19 April 2011

MBeze Deodrette and Dabber Dust

I honestly didn't know about MBeze's (embeez) Deodrettes and Dabber Dust until I browsed around serendipity's website and decided to try it out for shits and giggles (because they have free Poslaju postage for a week recently to celebrate the 1,000 Facebook fan milestone) as I'm kind of always on the lookout for deodrants that won't eventually KILL me. So I bought a Deodrette in Cruizee (cucumber, jasmine and mint tea) for RM35 and the Dabber Dust for RM32 as they're supposed to be used together (not at the same time, obviously). I had them delivered to the office (like most people would), and I got it early Tuesday morning, yay!

Online shopping - slightly delayed gratification, but getting nice stuff in the mail is always such a sweet feeling

The Dabber Dust is about 5 cm wide and 3 cm high; the Deodrette about 6 cm high and 2.35 cm in diameter, the latter is small and compact, perhaps one of the smallest I've ever seen. The predominant scent in the Cruizee is the jasmine. A small tube like this is expected to last about a month and the Dabber Dust, about 3 months. Yes, these are organic.

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I tend to sweat in the oxter areas even in the coldest of places, whether I like it or not. I like to think that I don't smell too badly (and I do take measures, unlike some people I know), but I don't make it a point to sniff them everyday. But the wetness is a given.

So I've been trying them both out for about a week and using them both in the morning takes a little more time compared to using a deodrant stick, which some might find annoying. The stick is a little too soft and mushy on application and some spillover is inevitable. But the smell is amazing and even at the end of the day, I can still smell the jasmine, so as a deodrant, it does work. Also no unsightly marks on clothing.

The Dabber Dust (the one I had hopes for) is another story: the ribbon that was attached to the powder puff frayed on me. As far as keeping the pits dry - unless I reapply the Dabber Dust throughout the day (which I'm too lazy for and I don't carry these things around with me), I still found myself with wet pits at the end of the day in the tropical weather. I also think that the size of the powder puff is a tad too small for the axillary area. 

I haven't suffered any adverse allergic reaction or whatever in using these together since I started using them.

  • No unsightly white marks on clothing when used properly.
  • Deodrette still works at the end of the day, even with perspiration.
  • They're both portable and easy to carry around (if you're so inclined)
  • It's organic.
  • Cost - at RM35 for a Deodrette, it's several times the cost of the average deodorant stick at the local drugstore.
  • Deodrette can't be used by itself; Dabber Dust still needed.
  • Takes a little too long to use, especially when in a hurry.
  • Dabber Dust too small for axillary area and doesn't keep the area dry for the entire day even when running around outside in the tropical weather.
Conclusion: While I like these and I like the idea, the chances of repurchasing are slim for me personally, but if you're into organic products, you must give these a go as individual differences may vary.

Serendipity: Cult Beauty Discoveries is the only retailer in Malaysia carrying MBeze products here in Malaysia (or in Asia, it seems), so you might want to try there. For everyone else, check out MBeze.com.