Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Half Priced, Customisable Starbucks Frappucinos? Meh.

I see and hear about this promotion, and all I ask is: What, we couldn't customise our own frapp before? What is the big deal with being able to "customise" your own frapp? Isn't the point of the handmade drink is for it to be made to the customer's liking?

I always try to get low fat milk in my frapp and the barista would tell me no (to be fair, who can keep track of where the low fat milk goes into which cold drink, anyway?). What the fuck - I'm already paying several hundred times the cost of the drink and dealing with the extra calories of regular milk, and I can't get a simple thing like LOW FAT MILK in my frappucino? Really?

That is why I stick to my usual skinny, no-whip hot chocolate.

Anyway, I doubt that I'll be anywhere NEAR a Starbucks to able to get a half-priced frappucino from 5 p.m. - 7 p.m. on a weekday unless I want to wreck my dinner or was not planning to eat anything else after that cos it's the calorific equivalent of a meal. I miss the days when I can just have a high-caloried ice blended drink and call it a meal :P Now if I don't eat anything substantial, I'll feel peckish.