Friday, 1 April 2011

Coffee Joulies

Saw the link on Gizmodo yesterday and I had to check it out for myself. It's currently a Kickstarter project seeking production funds, it took them less than three days to reach their $9,500 goal and then some (it's currently at the $47,000-level with about a month to go), which goes to show that either a lot of people are drinking the same Kool-Aid, or it's a pretty damn good idea. I am of the latter.

From's FAQ,
"Coffee Joulies are magic beans that you put in your coffee to regulate its temperature. They absorb excess thermal energy when the coffee is initially poured too hot to drink, cooling your coffee down to a drinkable temperature three times faster. Once your coffee reaches the right temperature the beans release that stored thermal energy back into the coffee, keeping it in the optimal temperature range twice as long."
They basically absorb the extra heat from your hot drinks, which cools the drink enough to be drinkable and the stored heat is released back into the drink to keep it warmer for longer. 

To be one of the first people to own them, just pledge $40 for a 20% discount for a set of 5 ($50; which comes in its own way cute bag). Pledge $100 and more, which gets you a set of Joulies and a travel mug and a box of 20 of these things (the bulk option) if you pledge $500 or more.

I'm not sure how big each bean is and I can't tell from the video (as one of the Daves was holding them in his hands). I, for one, wouldn't mind getting them, but paying $48 (plus international shipping) is a little steep, even for a cool idea. Reading the information on the Kickstarter, they sound like a great idea if you drink out of travel mugs a lot (which I personally don't). 

Decisions, decisions.