Monday, 11 April 2011

Celcom's KOLONY

I got this at the Cathay cineplex while waiting to watch Hop a couple of weeks back - a man and a woman wearing black and white suits (ala Men in Black), with sunglasses walked in out of nowhere and stationed themselves at the entrance like they were casing the joint.

While I knew it was some gimmick, I didn't quite know what it was about until the girl gave me one of these, and I spotted a photographer taking pictures from a distance like a paparazzi. Half the people in the line I was in and perhaps some other people hanging around the lobby got it. I have no idea how many people got those and how many pictures that photographer took.

If you've been reading The Star the last few weeks, you might have noticed the random placing of this logo inside the newspaper. So here is what was inside the ziploc bag...

Redacted page and a URL

Aforementioned URL
After what seems like ages, all this was revealed to be one of Celcom's marketing gimmicks, as the logo is for a brand new social networking site called KOLONY. After some poking around the site (short of joining it), I have to conclude that I don't think I'm their target demographic :P