Wednesday, 20 April 2011

1 Malaysia email account? No thanks :P

When I first saw the news (on Twitter, no less) that Malaysians over 18 will get a secure, official 1 Malaysia email account for "official purposes", I was like.... "What for? Plenty of other free email providers on the Internet what."

The paranoid people will say that it's the government's way of tracking citizens (for any dissidence) - look, if I want to do something borderline treasonous, I wouldn't exactly do it from or whatever it's going to be called. Big Brother, anyone?

“We are looking at government notices, bills to be sent directly to the citizen’s email box.” - and you can't do the same with other email providers? 

What most people on the Interwebs are (rightfully) pissed about is that it'll be funded by the Malaysian taxpayers - RM50 million for "free" email account that most people will probably designate for spam, if they bother to do anything about it at all. Really? Isn't the money better spent elsewhere? 

"The1 Malaysia email initiative will allow direct and secure communications between Malaysian citizens and government as well as enhance delivery of public services." - erm, right. More like easier to track you down (sorry,  guilty of watching one too many American cop shows).

This is literally the case of "kasi free pun tak nak", LOL.