Sunday, 27 March 2011

Week 13, 2011

  • Dad succumbed to old fart peer pressure and bought a first-gen WiFi + 3G iPad online, which came all the way from freaking China. Oddly enough, the bank approved the iPad, but not the iPad case my bro ordered online - unbelievable. It arrived Friday afternoon by DHL. So far I've only been playing free versions of Angry Birds and reading stories on magazine apps on the thing, haha.
  • Got my second Threadless order (first one was MIA) delivered on Saturday - yay.
  • "Celebrated" Earth Hour at the second home: Got a free cream frapp at Starbucks with my underutilised tumbler and some freebies at Kiehls and Clinique.
  • Finished a couple of books at long last.
  • Semenyih early Sunday morning for Cheng Beng.
  • Got my second free Starbucks frapp at the KJ store (from the StarbucksVisit customer survey) - the baristas there are always nice enough to ask if my tumbler needed a rinse (not that it did, but if you want to give it a rinse for me, then go right ahead) whereas the other stores rarely offered the quick rinse. Ish.