Sunday, 6 March 2011

Week 10, 2011

  • Finally bothered to go to Digital Mall during the work day to collect the membership card.
  • Read the blook, Shit My Dad Says.
  • Acca Kappa-M.A.C event in Midvalley Thursday morning.
  • My Twitter page's has a higher Page Rank - I don't know whether to be glad or sad.
  • Found out that Delifrance's madeleines (the cake, okay) still kinda tastes like kuih baulu.
  • Bought the Dumbledore-Voldemort stamps from Royal Mail; the shipping still cost more than the actual product - go figure.
  • Finally been back to Empire Shopping Gallery since they started charging for parking - meh.
  • Found out for sure that I can still order Short drinks at local Starbucks. Yay. 
  • Almost a year later, they're finally starting work on the Rothmans roundabout.