Thursday, 10 March 2011

Starbucks new logo and drink

After Starbucks unveiled their new logo as part of the 40th anniversary celebrations and also the resulting outrage about the nameless logo, they finally implemented said logo this week on their disposable paper and plastic cups when they also introduced the Cocoa Cappucino drink. No idea if they'll change the store fixtures, though - I wonder if people will pay to own the old store fixtures, just a thought :)

(Both images belong to Starbucks and Starbucks Malaysia)

Today in West Malaysia stores, you get a cake pop for free when you buy a Cocoa Cappucino of any size or temperature, which is great because one of those things costs RM6 a pop (pun intended). At least it's a little larger than depicted above. A similar promotion is happening in Singapore from 3 to 5 p.m. today - I'm just saying.

So I bought one when I was out on banking errands today at one of the Uptown stores and I also got another free shot in mine just because the barista had extra and didn't want to waste it. Since I wasn't getting charged, I told him to just go for it.

I'm riding both the caffeine and sugar high from a Tall iced Cocoa Cappucino and a teh tarik from lunch. I'm dreading the sugar crash. But at least I'm buzzed enough NOW to shoot some blog posts out now.

PS. If you look at the logo from the inside of the plastic cup, it LOOKS the SAME there as it does on the outside. Surreal.