Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Radiohead's The Universal Sigh

To celebrate the physical release (HAHA) of The King of Limbs, Radiohead announced that they'll be releasing a newspaper called The Universal Sigh, to be released in several locations worldwide a couple of days ago. Funny how when they say worldwide, Asia is never on the list :P

As I'm obviously nowhere near a physical pickup location (and I can't exactly ask people I know who live in some of these locations to do me that kind of favour when they're not fans to start with), I had to scour the interwebs for a PDF version (which is fine by me, since the physical paper version would just end up as clutter anyway), which is not that hard to find since it's the hot thing at the moment and you know someone somewhere would have the digital version. If you have the extra pocket change, there are copies on eBay going for astronomical prices. 

I usually don't care (really) for this sort of publicity stunt (let's call it what it is) - but I was a little envious of the people who saw Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood (who does the artwork) giving them out on the streets of London. That's about it. 

I'm not sure whether I'll find the physical copies of The King of Limbs CD here in Malaysia, and whether I'll like the price when I do find it (The price of In Rainbows here is double the price in Singapore!). Knowing me, I might pick up a copy the next time I'm in a HMV store in Singapore.