Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Podcast review: BFM's A Bit of Culture

It's been several months since A Bit of Culture (ABoC) started on BFM 89.9, the local private business radio station. You can hear it live on Sunday afternoons at 5 p.m. on 89.9 FM for an hour, or if you're like me, download the podcast afterwards and listen to it whenever you want.

Inspired by another culture roundtable discussion podcast, Slate's Culture Gabfest (which has been confirmed to me as much :P), it's hosted by regular hosts: Writer and author Kam Raslan and BFM's own She Fah Szetu as well as a non-permanent third co-host (that I can tell). They each pick a topic of interest related to culture (art, music, pop culture, artsy movies, what have you) which they discuss the crap out of (and I'm saying that in the nicest way possible) before closing the show with their recommendations for the week. 

It's still a pretty new podcast, so I can't judge too harshly, but it does okay for itself. Some of the topics might be a little old for me personally, which makes me feel sometimes that I'm not exactly their target listenership. But as it's called A Bit of Culture, so I plod on with it. At least the production value has improved since the first episode, and it's only been 11 episodes.

Even though BFM is now in the iTunes podcast directory, I've still not seen ABoC there as I type this, so we're still stuck downloading it manually from the BFM website after the fact or listening to it live on Sundays. I know I could manually drag BFM podcasts to the iPod, but it's too much work.

[Update: You can now download ABoC on BFM's iTunes podcast stream and sync whatever you downloaded into your device of choice]

Overall, an okay local version of a culture discussion podcast - 4/5.

Other links:
  • ABoC Facebook Group - you have to request to join, but one of the admins will let you in easy.