Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Brazilian, Solaris Mont Kiara [Groupon MY]

Bought a Groupon voucher this week for a RM45 wax session (U.P. RM100) at The Brazilian at Solaris Mont Kiara, which was timely because I was due. After using a RM5 Groupon token, I ended up paying only RM40. With a name like The Brazilian, I think you know what you're signing up for.

Aside from taking a wrong turn and ended up paying toll (don't trust the road signs in that area, that's all I'm gonna say), I was only a few minutes late because it didn't take me too long to find the place after parking at the Soho KL's underground parking lot (RM 1 for first three hours Saturday morning) as street parking was almost impossible, especially when in a rush. After filling out the usual paperwork, I was taken to the room. IKEA fans would recognise the rest of the furnishing in the room - without having seen the rest of the rooms, they're all probably furnished the same way. I mean no malice.

There's also a step for the vertically-challenged,  never mind that's an IKEA foot stool which I needed even though I'm not under 5 feet. Better for the waxer's backs, not having to bend so much.
What you might end up staring at; and yes, there's only curtains between you and the hallway

The waxer used a hard vanilla wax, which was okay, just that the smell reminded me of baked goods, that's all. Haha. If you must know, they also don't reuse spatulas and it was all on the up-and-up.

The job was quick, and also cleaner than the last Groupon waxing offer I bought last year. Not bad. I was also offered a RM15 serum for the aftermath, but after being told that I would have to bring the excess home (cos it's enough for several uses, apparently) and to bring BACK for subsequent visits, I declined as politely as I could. Too much work and commitment - sorry.

I've been told that I'd get a 10% discount on my subsequent visit (if any), and more if I brought friends with me. I saw flyers advertising that first time walk-ins get 50% off their first wax (considering that a Hollywood wax there is RM100, it was okaylah).

Based on the quality of the wax job, I would go back, if it wasn't in Solaris Mont Kiara. Seriously. Maybe if I was in the area and they can squeeze me in...

(If you're a stickler for landmarks - it's the same row as the Coffee Bean in that area), was I glad I was done with the wax when my period came after the appointment, cos if it happened earlier, I would've had to reschedule :P