Thursday, 3 March 2011

Acca Kappa-M.A.C Wonder Woman event

I heard on the interwebs on Monday that there was this joint Acca Kappa-M.A.C event happening at Midvalley this (Thursday) morning for M.A.C's new Wonder Woman Colour collection. It was only limited to a certain number of guests (and their plus-ones), but I thought on the other hand, it's on a work day and there won't be that many people who could make it/take time off; so I emailed the address that was on the invitation basically for the heck of it. But I got an email back the next day, and I was in. Ho-kay then, so I'm going after all, I told myself. There's always a first time for everything.

While everyone was busy posing on the other side... I decided to take this instead.
Even though I was a few minutes late (traffic was not too bad), but I didn't miss anything when I signed in. The breakfast spread was Delifrance petit fours - mini tarts, pastries and iced peach tea in a dispenser. I only had some of it and I found out for myself that the madeleines (theirs, anyway - I've never actually had any in France to compare) are basically angmo kuih baulu :P

I frankly haven't the foggiest what the program was, but I was told (while hanging around) that there will be a makeup demonstration (which, not being a beauty blogger and with everyone else crowding the stage taking pictures of the process, was not my cup of tea). Everyone else was testing out the products with the makeup artists before the demo.

After a short while, the demonstration was well on its way. In the makeup artist's opening remark, he tried to justify why M.A.C picked Wonder Woman as its muse, which I thought was superfluous because I thought it made a lot of sense. Batgirl would be harder to create a makeup collection out of, honestly :P

Pre makeup demonstration

Makeup artist + Glamazons - only in Malaysia that Wonder Woman's all covered up; potong steam betul :P

Tubes: Colour mascaras; Middle: Eye palettes; Bottles of nail polish (red and blue - meh); Bottom: Sharpie-like eyeliner
Apparently, that was it - afterwards we were all free to have our make up touched up with the Wonder Woman collection by the make up artists on stand by, who were kept pretty busy. 

I did try the eye makeup for myself, with the artist using the Lady Justice (the blue, frosty coloured one) palette and the blue mascara on my eyes, as well as the Wonder Woman Penultimate Eye Liner (which was the only thing I was curious about anyway as it actually resembles a marker pen). But I didn't exactly appreciate that she made my eyebrows like Frida Kahlo's, which I had remove as soon as I got into a bathroom in The Gardens. No, I didn't buy anything either.

If anyone's curious, here was the door gift I got on the way out - Oh, and I also finally put the name to the face of the person I emailed with while I was collecting it.

I have no idea what the brush is for (blush brush, maybe?), as well as a Acca Kappa voucher, newsletter and sample sachets of shampoo and conditioner for coloured and treated hair (in the envelope), the latter which I had to pass it on to my dad (haha). I also got a sample of M.A.C's Cleanse Off Oil (which was safe for eye makeup, I can attest to that). The pouch everything came in I can definitely use. Thanks to Acca Kappa and M.A.C for the swag.

This was the report of a cosmetics brand event from a non-beauty blogger, over and out.