Sunday, 6 February 2011

More on the long CNY weekend

Saturday: Family CNY dinner (other side) happened Saturday night at Two Fatty Seafood in SS2, located literally the other end from Cheow Yang if you're familiar with that area. It started to rain an hour before we were due there and it poured heavily by the time we got there; we were the first to arrive and it took me and the sibling literally a walk around the block before anyone else finally got there in that weather. One uncle's family (uncle, auntie, three cousins, one's cousin's wife and two young sons) was stuck in highway traffic on their way back from up north, but fortunately for them we were only on the third dish when they finally got there.

The dishes were edible, and they were certainly a different take on the usual dishes, like the steamed fish with chicken essence and the duck roasted chicken; the (and my favourite) "shark fin" soup was seasoned enough that I didn't really need to lay on the soy sauce (I don't take mine with vinegar) - not that there was any to be found. And the corn mochi portion of the dessert was pretty interesting as well. Being at the table with the lowest average age, we got stuck with leftovers from the other tables. Sorry, no pictures - everyone attacked the food before I had a chance to and I didn't want to be that person :P

Afterwards, we adjourned to the gambling afterparty where there were the usual low stakes card games (grandkids) and mahjong (my mum, two aunts and one of the aunt's sons taking turns; they finally decided to take it up again after years of not doing so, so the rules are pretty fuzzy with them and they're going with what they can recall of Malay mahjong [go figure]) going on until after midnight. The sons- and daughters-in-law and uncle were huddled in one corner drinking and talking cock. Me? After losing RM1 the first time I played cards with the cousins, I decided to jump in again before the night ended and just broke even :P

Sunday (so far): Was up around 8 something - it was a couple of hours before I drove with the cousin in tow to Midvalley and Gardens for her to get her shopping on (and staying in KL the rest of the week to do so). Only lasted a few hours :P And I was road testing the Shape Ups, and I feel fine so far.