Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Mechanic

Saw The Mechanic last night with friend Ivan (who was glad I didn't ask him to watch Black Swan) at Tropicana City Mall. Being absurdly early, we got some pick of the seats before I sat down to dinner at one of the nearby eateries. 

If you don't already know, this is a new millennium remake of the Charles Bronson movie of the same name.

I wasn't expecting a whole lot going in as it is, after all, a Jason Statham movie; you pretty much know what you're signing up for when you watch anything with his name attached to it. (Okay, I never exactly sat through The Transporter or Crank movies, but the movies with no sequels? I think I covered the recent ones). That, and you never expect him to speak in an accent other than his own. 

That said, I like the Arthur Bishop character - his trademark "clean" kills, the meticulous planning, etc... the dude is a bad ass.

Donald Sutherland was probably in the movie (as Bishop's mentor) about 15 minutes tops, and he ends up dead. Really? What's up with these old guys who end up dead under 30 minutes on screen? Remind anyone of the newer The Italian Job movie? I don't have anything against the guy, I'm just saying.

I also didn't care for Ben Foster's character AT ALL. Dude seems to be quite the asshole, really hard to like.

I wasn't expecting so much blood spatter, and I had my eyes closed. 

In conclusion, it's a mindless popcorn movie about hit men that you can see the ending or twist a mile away. You'll probably enjoy it more if you check your expectations and brain at the door. Don't think too much about it.

My only hope for Mr Statham would be that he never do a romantic comedy EVER, or he would've lost a lot of people's respect, including my own.

*Spoiler alert - They kept him alive, hopefully (not) for a sequel.*

Watch this if...
  • You're a dude who likes action movies
  • You like Jason Statham (and the movies he's been in)
  • You want to see a lot of fake, on-screen blood and gore

Here's the trailer if anyone's curious.