Saturday, 26 February 2011

The Last Polka's Teh Tarik and Horlicks ice cream

The Last Polka celebrated their first anniversary last Friday (18th). To celebrate, they gave away a tub of Horlicks ice cream with every order on that day only.

I've been waiting for something like this to happen ever since I first heard of it last year on The OmNomCast. So I sent the good news to a friend, who ordered the French Toast ice cream and was willing to drive to PJ to pick them up even though she doesn't live here anymore.

Then I ordered the teh tarik flavour online and waited to hear back. I got an email the next day, saying that they are processing the order; then another with the dates when I can pick them up at The Bee (the pick up spot in PJ), which was this weekend. I later got a call Friday afternoon saying that I can pick them up already - yay!

On a rainy Friday night, I picked up my ice cream at The Bee - signed for them on the sheet and paid at the cashier counter there. They survived the trip home (which was probably more the weather than anything). Of course I couldn't wait to taste them both once I got home. Both ice creams were creamy, dense and very delicious - I couldn't stop spooning the ice cream out in turns.

Horlicks flavour
As someone who doesn't drink a lot of Horlicks (or have any in the house for years), I say the Horlicks ice cream was really (if nothing else) Horlick-y. If you liked the plain Horlick drink, this is a must-try.

Teh tarik ice cream
I love the idea of the teh tarik ice cream, but what stopped me from loving it more was the hint of cinnamon (which I hate so much). The sibling mentioned that it should be called chai ice cream instead. However, I can still taste the tea in this, so that's not so bad. I have no idea what the black specks are in the ice cream, but if I had to guess it's vanilla bean..? I should also stop having it at night cos I think it's what's keeping me up later at night; the tea is that strong :P 

I'd get this again, sure - next time I want to get a tub of the White Coffee ice cream. The price is not too bad when you think about the choice of flavours, how it's made, the reusable container (very green chic); and it's definitely cheaper than pints of Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dasz and Ben & Jerry's in the supermarket freezer (1 US pint = 473ml). Major selling points, in my opinion, but it'll be an occasional indulgence for me.

I've also tried the chocolate chilli ice cream and it is also not bad: the chilli only kicks after the chocolate, so you don't feel the kick right away.

To try for yourself, individual dessert portions are available at The Bee in Jaya One, and Marmalade in both Bangsar Village II and Mont Kiara. Tub (500ml) prices are from RM23 onwards, depending on the flavour.

PS. Not paid for this - just thought I'd tell people what I thought about it. 

PPS. The Last Polka now has a scoop shop at Taylor's College Lakeside campus's Syopz; so if you're ever travelling on the LDP towards Puchong, make a pit stop at the Lakeside campus to try for yourself :)