Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The King's Speech

Trying to keep my free movie streak going (and also second Monday in a row), I was one of the idiots who went to GSC Midvalley to get tickets to see The King's Speech last night. Saw it alone because I hadn't heard anyone else I know express any interest in watching, and I'm used to watching movies about English royalty by myself. It's Single Awareness Day, what...

Because of the late evening downpour, traffic was horrendous on top of the rush people are in to get to their Valentine's Day dinner dates on time (particularly the Victoria Station near PBD). At least I didn't have to wait in line to get tickets to the movie when I finally found a parking spot a little after 8 p.m., so I had time to get a hot chocolate from Coffee Bean to warm up and walk around a little bit.

I was freezing in the damn cinema the whole time - so much so I had to McGyver a blanket out of the day's Malay Mail so I wouldn't get frostbite :P

One niggle with me was that there's no way the filmmakers expect me to believe that Guy Pearce (as Edward VIII) can pass off as Colin Firth's older brother in the movie (never in a million years), no matter how much make up he's got on to look older.

I think Colin Firth worked out alright in this; there's no way I could see Paul Bettany as a stammering royal - I tried, but I can't.

If you must know, yes, I actually like this over the last few movies that I've seen so far this year. It's Mr Darcy, for crying out loud! Although his other Mr Darcy is pretty hilarious too.

As an anglophile, I say watch this if you already haven't; even if you're not, go anyway. 

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it... 

Also not forgetting - it's the Prophet's Birthday today so it's a holiday...make the best of it.