Saturday, 19 February 2011

Etsy Malaysia Crafty Art Market

Woke up, did a few chores around the house as Mum was gone all day for some work-related matter (on a Saturday, I know) or function before breakfast.

Drove to the Etsy Malaysia Crafty Art Market happening at Jaya One from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., and to meet up with my old friend from primary school, Pea (not actual name) for her to pass me my belated birthday present (the other Peanuts pocket Moleskine, woo hoo!) and also to browse the stalls together. 

I browsed the stalls alone in her absence (she was running late from another errand) and while I saw cute and interesting stuff, I didn't really end up with anything because I didn't quite find what I wanted (I probably missed out on a cute pearl and silver bracelet, but that's about it, really...). I also got business cards from  some of the Etsy vendors, so I might hit them up online soon.

She bought some fabric (one of them a waterproof dog paw print which I spotted) at one stall to make a reversible book cover for her Bible and is getting someone else at another stall to do the sewing as she doesn't have time to do it herself. 

For lunch, we ended up at The Bee (not my friend's favourite place for the slow service, but since I've not been there to eat before..). As they only do brunch on the weekends, we both ended up sharing a Bacon Pot Hash ("Parmesan & Sage potato hash, fried eggs with house-made tomato jam and beef bacon") which was a good move because it was HUGE... for either one of us, by ourselves.

I like craft fairs as much as the next person and I'm glad that there are enough Malaysians on Etsy to be able to have these one-day fairs and for us to browse their merchandise (and also not have to pay in USD if you buy in person). However, I'm a lazy and cheap-ass crafter, so while I finally have an Etsy account (for buying), but I won't be starting a Seller account anytime soon.