Thursday, 3 February 2011

CNY so far

New Year Eve: 

Drove back down to two cars in the afternoon (but not before lunch at Gran's) because my dad finally got it through his thick skull that I don't get any fun out of staying the night at his childhood home the same way he does, so he gave me and the sibling permission to go home after dinner. If you thought I was bad, my bro's a little worse :P

Ate out this year at one of the nearby beachside restaurants in town, Baywatch (sorry, no Pamela Anderson lookalikes with the famous swimsuit) because it's a small logistical nightmare with three tables and four generations to feed; and I don't think anyone fancied cooking this year. Dishes were nothing to write home personally, about but everyone had their fill.

Went back to the shop and left after the angpau-and-seafood distribution. Rained heavily back in PJ; even with the hot chocolate stop at That Third Place, we were still home pretty early. Finished my lazy ass craft project - a one-off, one-colour (told you I was lazy) coffee sleeve. The fireworks that went off outside the house was nothing compared to the ones going off where the 'rents spent the night, which seems to go on for hours. 

We also came home to find that the pregnant stray's finally had its kittens (two little ones) in the box the 'rents had set up for it. Didn't realised until I heard mewling from someplace but couldn't tell where. Smart cat :P

New Year's Day

Drove to the second home, only to see that about half the shops in the new wing closed for the day (not terribly surprised, but still) and I couldn't do what I set out to do, so I might have to go back there the next day. Currently wondering when's the best time to drive down to Pavilion...

Also bought Subway sandwiches (Sub of the Day - "roast chicken") for the both of us and I ended up watching the NCIS marathon the whole afternoon because my laptop was getting the "format-and-OS-reinstall" treatment and I had no access until around 6 something in the p.m..